Appatlo Okadundevadu

Movie: Appatlo Okadundevadu
Cast: Nara Rohith, Sree Vishnu, Tanya Hope, Brahmaji, and others
Director: Sagar Chandra
Music: Sai Karthik, Suresh Bobbili
Producer: Prashanthi, Krishna Vijay
Banner: ARAN media works
Tag Line:Appatlo Okadundevadu Review :

'Appatlo Okadundevadu', starring Nara Rohith and Sree Vishnu in lead roles, is directed by 'Ayyare' fame Sagar Chandra. As claimed by the team as a different movie, it is. The movie is a crime thriller with lots of emotional content. The first thing which comes to the mind after watching the movie is the brilliant performance by Sree Vishnu. He excelled in his role as an innocent cricketer turned criminal gangster. He did extremely well in emotional scenes. Nara Rohith who did a role of Police, is as usual intense. Needless to say about his voice which takes the dialogues to the next level. He has strong charecterisation which believes in doing anything to end the crime. Its very interesting to see the scenes between these two. Tanya played the female lead opposite to Sree Vishnu and have done a decent job. Apart from the lead roles, Brahmaji played a very important role. Ajay, Satya dev, Srinivas reddy, Prabhas sreenu, Ravi Varma, Manasa etc played other roles and did their job well. 

Sagar Chandra should be appreciated for choosing a different script. He narrated the story in a very interesting way. All the threads opened in the first half of the movie were closed very neatly by the end of the movie. He is successful in conveying the emotions in the right way in right time. The way he connected the story to true incidents is excellent. Produced by Prashanthi and Krishna Vijay and presented by Nara Rohith under 'ARAN media works' banner, the movie has very good prodution values. Background score is very good. Songs are good and most of them run in the background. Editing is good. Cinematography is excellent and the lighting matches up the mood. Dialogues are apt and good. Costumes and Art work are good and takes us to 80s and 90s. 
Overall, the movie has well made and good content with emotions complimented by excellent performances from the lead roles. 

Sree Vishnu, Rohith, Brahmaji
Screenplay, Direction
Background score
Production values

Song in the second half
Nothing much

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