Movie: Vangaveeti
Cast: Sandeep Kumar, Vamsi Nakkanti, Vamsi Chaganti, Naina Ganguly,Kautilya,Shritej and others
Director: Ramgopal Varma
Music: Ravi Shankar
Producer: Dasari Kiran
Banner: Ramadhutha Creations
Tag Line:Vangaveeti Review

Ram Gopal Varma's 'Vangaveeti', a political and crime thriller based on the rowdism of Vijayawada in 80s hit the screens amidst of high expectations and curiousity. RGV, who is expert in dealing real life and sensitive subjects is once again successful with 'Vangaveeti'. He narrated the story in a balanced way that he is not biassed to any side. 

Sandeep is playing the characters of Vangaveeti Radha and Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga and excelled in his role. Vamsi Nakkanti, Vamsee Chaganti, Kautilya, Shritej and Naina Ganguly delivered good performances. Produced by Dasari Kiran Kumar, it has good production values.
The movie has many thrilling scenes yet dragging scenes. Background score is good but loud at times. Songs in the first half actually disturbed the flow of the movie. 

Cinematography is very good with some vintage RGV shots. The murders and chases were shot well. Editing could have been better as there are many glitches and need some trimming especially the songs in the first half. Narration by RGV himself is good and neat. Screenplay and Direction are good. 

Though the story is known to us before, the murders and the plannings gives spine chilling experience. Apart from loud background score at times, songs in the first half and few dragged scenes, the movie has few thrilling episodes. Overall, the movie is watchable keeping aside the high violence.

Balanced narration
Production values

Loud background score
Songs in first half

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Movie 3.00 3.00
Director 3.00 3.00
Music 2.50 3.00
Screen Play 3.00 3.00
Editing 2.50 3.00
Cinematography 3.25 3.00