Thanks to temporary ticket price hikes..2015 generated better revenue for TFI !

Market expansion and ticket price hikes happen like any other prices in years but few movies are great beneficiaries of sharp temporary price hikes!

Cap/control on ticket prices is not there is many territories like Karnataka , Maharashtra ,Overseas ( USA , Dubai, UK etc) etc. Where as AP and Telangana Govts keep control and ask for permission to be taken before any increase.

As they have spent big budget , Bahubali makers lobbied well and were able to get huge temporary price hike approved like below.

In Utharandra and Ceded ( Rayalaseema )general ticket price was Rs.60 and Bahubali released for Rs.100 a ticket , in Karnataka highest ticket price for any star hero like Pawan or Mahesh was 500 and Bahubali released for 800-1000 , in Overseas generally ticket would be between $10-15 - Bahubali released for $40 a imagine the impact on collections :) !

Notable beneficiaries of this price hike were Srimanthudu and Bale Bale Magadivoi ...Sriminathudu released with a 2 weeks gap to Bahubali enjoyed the same prices and got nearly 90 crores share instead of 50 crores it could have collected if it would have released just 3 weeks before ! Same is the case with Bale Bale could have collected nearly 18cr but collected 30 cr.

Gross and Share
Gross is just the summation of all ticket prices where as share is what is final after deducting taxes , rents etc .

Publicizing gross is a practice in north as they release in many states with different tax slabs and rents  and final share calculation will take a long time..but in south "share" has to be looked but not gross .
As as example , if a movie collects more in domestic market then it's share would be more and if another movie collects more in overseas then share would be considerably less than gross as taxes and rents would be relatively more.

Final important point to note is that tenure of temporary price hike is over and now all Sankranthi releases has to get normal collections ( like 60 in ceded and utharandhra) no comparisons should happen between movies of 2015 and 2016 ( or further )...

Anyway, thanks to temporary price hikes because of which 2015 turned out to be a successful year for Telugu Film Industry !