What is the major reason for huge losses of recent films?

        Are our distributors and exhibitors learning from recent cases of 40% or more losses they have encountered inspite of having stars of huge reach in the films?
Lingaa to SGS
'Lingaa' of super star Rajnikanth to 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh' of power star Pawan Kalyan has taught us the same lesson. And that lesson is ' Elevated or Fancy buying' by distributors being the major reason for huge disasters. We are not discussing about the quality of the content of our movies here, as that would be altogether a different discussion.
Star Power did its job…
Inspite of having Rajnikanth, 'Lingaa' had nearly about 50% loss even after fetching around 80 crore share because it was sold for very high price of nearly 150 crore. Later episodes of distributors going for hunger strike opposite to Rajni's house and settlement by Tamil industries are history. Inspite of its disaster talk, 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh' managed to fetch around 55 crore share which is a life time dream for many other stars but still it had about 40% loss because it was bought by distributors for about 88 crore. Similar is the story of Shankar's "I" movie. Because of Shankar’s market, it collected a good figure but considered a disaster because it was sold for very high price.
Probable reasons could be … 
Reasons for this irrational evaluation and buying could be like,  people who never observed or learnt distribution entering film distribution with money got from other fields, taking upper limit or highest collection record of that particular star as bench mark without analyzing content and genre of the film etc. That is, Robo collection of Rajni cannot be a bench mark for buying Lingaa as ‘Robo’ has many other compelling like factors like graphics, more commercial content etc.  Similarly, 'Atharintiki Daredi' collection cannot be a bench mark for buying 'Sardaar Garbbar Singh'.
Whose fault?...
Consciousness should be rather from distributors as producers would obviously try for selling for the best offered price that comes their way and try for having a clean hand-off. 
Kabali’s hype…
Rajnikanth earlier have hinted that ‘Kabali’ would be a relatively small budget and quick film to help distributors who encountered losses from 'Lingaa' by selling it for relatively lower prices. Director is also trying to create right expectation that 'Kabali' is not a great mass content. But hype again made the distributors offer fancy prices and result is again the same that it is sold for more than 'Lingaa'. Let us wish that this analysis goes wrong in case of 'Kabali' and all the distributors get good profit.
Can we expect organized approach…?
Can film distribution also become organized and controlled where proper mechanism of offering prices would be in place? Let us wish that realization that stars of great reach whether it is Rajnikanth or Pawan, Vijay or Mahesh or Ajith can greatly add to collections with their great reach but cannot bring more collections than their highest collection record with every other film of them!


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